Pierre Cardin diaries & planners

Diaries and planners have been a tool for success and efficiency in our personal and professional life for more than a century. Most of the people who want to be consistent and reliable at work or in their personal life will use a diary / planner. Some people use this tool to record their memories, others use it to plan the future meanwhile creators use it to document their thoughts and inspirations.

Nowadays big corporations use diaries and planners as a marketing and branding tool. Business executives have come to realize the benefits of such a tool taking into consideration that a diary / planner is used for a year. Accordingly your brand or advertisement incorporated into the diary will live for a year on your target's desk. Unlike the effect of a bill board or a TV ad that costs so much more meanwhile its durability is not to be compared with that of a diary / planner. 

MOIC EGYPT has been a specialist in making diaries for years, either for corporate or personal use. Along the years we managed to acquire the license to produce diaries with the brand name Pierre Cardin (Cardin is an Italian born French fashion designer currently known world wide as one of the very few fathers of modern haute-couture) The acquisition of such a license entailed that we comply with quality standards that suit such an international name, but was and is worth the effort, as it gives our product an added value and classifies it in a different category from its competitors in the market. In MOIC EGYPT we have the flexibility & capability to personalize such products according to your corporate or personal needs.

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