Engraving & Personalization tech.

Indoor signage is an industry that has been growing rapidly in the past couple of decades. Using indoor signage in places open for public & private use has many advantages. It gives valuable impression on your visitors & it can simplify business operations in large facilities. Indoor signage that is properly designed will instill a subtle sense of comfort and confidence in employees, clients or guests. Most of all indoor sign graphics can transform a plain corporate environment into a sophisticated, elegant, fun and welcoming environment that would make people look forward to walking into. Moreover indoor signage is a growing concern for corporations that realize the meaning of safety & environmental standards.

MOIC engraving & personalization tech. facility works according to your requirements & design. If you give us the function required for the sign we can have several solutions for you. Our solutions differ in looks but not quality. It is also our job to give you several financial solutions for the sign required to perform the function for the longest period of time possible. Our job starts from getting your inputs and all the way till the installation phase. We have extensive experience in many fields as we have served hotels, hospital, office buildings, factories, schools, gated compounds, etc...

Name Tags

MOIC engraving & personalization tech. facility has been producing name tags as well for more than a decade now, to companies and organizations that comprehend the meaning of team uniformity and presentability.


Our facility can also make acrylic & wooden awards engraved or printed in several colors with a wooden or granite base. together with MOIC-Egypt packaging capability we can tailor make the award ambalage for you according to your design & budget.

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