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MOIC-EGYPT was born as a natural evolution of a family business legacy that started in 1905 by Khodeir. The company was founded in 1999 as a Joint Stock Egyptian Company by the latest generation of Khodeir family descendents who realized their duty towards this family heritage & passion for industry. They decided to take this wealth of knowledge & value to the next level. MOIC-EGYPT is the nickname for Misr October Industrial Co. S.A.E. The founders named the company as such putting Misr first, which is Egypt in Arabic for the love of their country and their belief in industrializing in it. As much as this generation realized the value of this inheritance they also realized the wealth of principals, values and ethics transferred from one generation to the other.

MOIC-EGYPT was established as a manufacturing & services company that caters for clients that require superior quality and treatment whether it is B2B or B2C (Business to Business or Business to Customer).

MOIC-EGYPT as a group of manufacturing facilities combining the paper conversion (printing) together with binding + leather goods manufacturing and packaging all under one roof creates a unique formula for this entity that rarely exist in its region & market.

MOIC-EGYPT manufacturing facilities are located in the 1st Industrial zone of 6th of October city on a total built up area of approx. 10.000 sqm. The philosophy of having all those manufacturing facilities under one roof in one location was to be able to control the majority of factors affecting the quality of the product & service as much as possible, so as to be able to guarantee customer satisfaction by honoring its contracts, (a Khodeir inherited business principal).

MOIC-EGYPT currently takes pride in employing a team of approx. 80 players 15 of which are white collars & around 65 blue collars. Most of those team players carry as well the Khodeir wealth of knowhow and work ethics as some of them used to work shoulder to shoulder with the older Khodeir family for more than decades.

MOIC-EGYPT founders have carefully chosen its machinery from among the top renowned brands such as Heidelberg(Germany), Horizon(Japan), Martini(Germany), Aster(Italy), Kolbus(Germany), Perondi(Italy), Atom(Italy) and Durkopp Adler(Germany). They also invested extensive time & effort to study their choice of machinery as well as its continuous update in order to keep up with the ever growing quality requirements & standards of its products.

MOIC-EGYPT currently works using the ISO 9000 standards as a guideline for a comprehensive management system that enables this organization to evolve and grow on a sound foundation that is internationally recognized and approved.

MOIC-EGYPT continuously strives to strengthen its wealth of suppliers for quality & fashionable materials in order to give its clients a product that can truly impress.

MOIC-EGYPT founders and team who take extensive pride in their passion for industry and creativity aspire to keep nurturing and evolving this humble Egyptian foundation for centuries to come, creating wealth for its employees, owners & community.

Our goal in MOIC-EGYPT is to become a great company and not a huge company.


Mohammed Ali Khodeir

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